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Tarik, 24 years old, I work in a company but since the activity is confidential, I can't reveal on it.

I have read rich dad poor dad 3 years ago and since then, my mindset about money has changed to the best in which I have been more rational and careful when it comes to spending money on assets or just saving it up for the good days ahead when I will need it to invest. You will show sympathy if I tell you that I knew about bitcoin since early 2015 but I did not invest because I had no funds and that was my biggest life's regrets. But I got to know about mr Ahmed and he became one of the people I rely on to get a motivation shot and get myself up to work harder and better.

I have started Local e-commerce and I am learning more about facebook ads since I started creating ads... but it is still not getting any thing back to me as result so I need some help if someone has been going through the same thing, I would appreciate help since mr Ahmed seem to be a guy with an open heart to help and I am pretty sure people here would offer that as well.

I have just signed up to this forum so I am not sure what you all people do in here but I would like to be part of this community.

Thank you all, have a great start of the week.